This section is for those fans interested in helping the Castlevania 3 Remake cause even further than signing the petition. Here's the button you can use to link back to this site to help promote the Petition.

Also, if you add this button to your site, I will add a link to it in this section, therefore becoming an Affiliate to this site. Just please email me to let me know you're using the button and to tell me the URL of your site and add a link button for it.

I hope we can form a large network of Castlevania-related sites, not only to promote the petition for the remake, but also to share our passion for this great game series. In any case, you don't need to affilaite to help, as it would be a great help to spread the link to this petition all over the web, forums, sites, communities, etc., to make sure more and more Castlevania fans come and join the cause.