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A site created to collect 100,000 signatures to send to Konami of Japan to get the classic Castlevania 3 remade in the new generation consoles.

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Site opened: Nov.13th, 2008. Signatures collected:160

Welcome to the Castlevania 3 Remake Online Petition website! As series' director Koji Igarashi has stated, there's bound to be a remake of the classic Castlevania 3, since it is his favorite. There are thousands of fans who also hold this game in high regard, and that would love to have this game with revamped 2D graphics, as Konami most likely will refuse to produce the game for the major consoles, and maybe some new gameplay mechanics. It is our wish to help to speed up the process and that is the purpose of this site: To show Konami our support and love for the Castlevania series and express it through action. It is our goal to collect enough signatures to confirm Konami our support. And you can help by signing the online petition, in a simple, fast process by clicking the link below. You will be helping yourself and Castlevania fans all over the world. Thanks for joining our cause!

*Collect 100,000 signatures in less than one year to present to Konami of Japan to convey the fans' wishes for a 2D remake of Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse, to be released on any of the current hand-held gaming consoles as Konami prefers them over the current major next generation consoles.

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